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A bit of a dreamer who spends much of her time reading, listening to music, taking walks and meditating, watching TV and thinking about life, the universe and everything - with the occasional frenzied burst of creativity. I also like long sentences.

Family, friends and animals are important to me, although I have a very small family (basically my mum and a cousin who is more like an older brother to me) and few, but very close, friends. I love horse-back riding even though I'm not very good at it, and right now I'm hoping to get started with my equitherapy again. I have two cats and I'm hoping to eventually get a dog.

I love sculpturing and making pottery as well as any practical DIY project I can get my hands on (including assembling IKEA furniture), but I also do the odd super-girly thing like make birthday cards or bend spoons for necklaces. When I'm being creative at my computer I usually make collages in Photoshop, or write long e-mails to my on- and offline friends.

I like travelling (preferably to Ireland or the UK), going to the cinema and eating out too, but as my time is split fifty-fifty between being unemployed and on sick-leave (long and depressing story, starting with a fractured leg and a nasty diagnosis and ending - or not, actually, as it's an ongoing process - with me actually starting to like myself), I can rarely afford it.

For the past two years or so I've been a fan of Doctor Who (Ten is my doctor, although I did like Chris Eccleston once I got round to watching series one), which then lead to me watching Torchwood, rapidly developing a crush on Jack and subsequently becoming a fan of (and, yes, crushing on) John Barrowman - which in turn got me hooked on reading Torchwood fanfic. OK, Torchwood slashfic. Fine, OK - Jack/Ianto slashfic. Shut up already!

I'm 38 years old and for a while felt very, very embarrassed about reading all this slash when, at my age, I'm supposed to do all kinds of grown-up stuff - until I decided that I can do whatever I damn well please. Besides, my therapist thinks it's a good idea.

I'm basically a positive person, even if I am prone to depressions, and, even though I have quite a few hang-ups and issues and am, I'm sure, prejudiced in ways I may not even have considered, I think I'm pretty open-minded and if I find out I'm not, on one subject or another, I do my best to find out why and do something about it. It takes a lot to antagonise me or even rattle me and I forgive easily (even if I may not always forget) - but I do have limits and I am getting much, much better at sticking up for myself.

This journal is f-locked (as of 05.07.2012), but I like making new friends so if you want to friend me for whatever reason, go ahead - I won't friend you back automatically, if I don't at least know who you are, but if you ask me to I almost certainly will. Be warned, though: When I make friends, I make close friends. Usually it's instinctive and intuitive, because I feel some type of connection, and if that doesn't happen right at the beginning, chances are it won't happen at all. I'll still be nice though, just because I can't help myself.

Hope to get to know you!
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